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Teen Weight Loss Camps

If you are interested in finding a weight loss camp where your child or teen can lose weight and feel safe, a weight loss camp with a healthy approach to long-term weight control might be the answer. Many people have heard of fat camps, and they often have a negative connotation. However, the latest weight loss camps that base their program on good science and approach the problem of overweight and obesity with long-term behavioral change in mind, can be a very effective start to healthier living. If you find weight loss camps that offer 2 months or longer programs, this will give your child or teen an even stronger foundation.

Many children and teens are already putting off their lives, waiting for that "magic bullet" that will help them learn how to stop gaining weight. Many of these children are extremely unhappy and lonely, and they often isolate themselves, which can lead to more overeating, or secret eating. Some teens have been on many diets before they are even physically mature. Many of these diets may have been harmful to their health, and further undermined their ability to maintain a healthy weight. An intensive experience can help these teens develop a new perspective to lose weight while having fun among their like-minded peers. While your child may often succeed in taking off pounds, the hard part is maintaing a healthy weight because they often decide they are "done" and the "diet" is over. A structured weight loss camp or program can help these kids learn strategies for maintaining their weight over the long term.



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