Help for Parents of Troubled Teens Including Information on Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Wilderness Therapy Programs
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Troubled Teenager Summer Camps

Ironwood Wilderness Intensive
"We know – we’ve been there." Ironwood was developed by parents whose child needed the help your child needs now. The most clinically advanced therapeutic program for teens -- that's the Ironwood Difference.

Troubled teenager summer camps provide an exceptional forum for students to develop independence and improve self- confidence. Available in an assortment of lengths and themes, summer camps cater to families in search of a structured, healthy environment that provides opportunities for students to explore their interests and talents while having fun. With session lengths anywhere between five days to eight weeks, and specialties ranging from performing arts, to sports, to computers, camps can be found to suit most any schedule or hobby.

While attending a summer camp can promote growth and personal development, unless otherwise noted, they are not therapeutic in nature. Summer camp is best suited to the child with minimal behavioral or emotional challenges, who responds to new challenges and environments without excessive difficulty. With more than 8,500 day and resident camps in the United States, there are numerous summer programs from which to choose. Selecting a camp which suits your child's needs, temperament, and interests is the best way to ensure his or her experience is healthy, happy, and productive.

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