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Don't know what to do or where to turn? If you find yourself in a crisis, e-mail a counselor for help, guidance, and information. Become empowered by learning what options are available to you. Our counselors can help you find what best meets your unique circumstance.

An Educational Consultant can help you make the best choices in placement for your child. Use an Educational Consultant's services when you know that the current situation for your child is not serving either your or your child's needs.

An Admissions Counselor will help you decide the right program and path for your child once the decision is made for your child's placement.

An Educational Advocate will help you learn and help you deal with the laws that are rightfully yours concerning you, your child, and your child's education.

A Therapist can help you learn and deal with the problems and crisis through understanding and advice.

In the future you will be able to seek out others who've been through similar situations for support, advice, and guidance by posting your question on our bulletin board.

There is a large community of help available to you. You are not powerless; help is at hand, at your fingertips, here and now.



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