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Is a Girls Boarding School the Right Choice for Your Daughter?

Girls boarding schools specialize in teaching young women to be tomorrow's leaders. Many educators believe girls simply learn differently. Often, the all-girls boarding school is the best opportunity for girls who may feel pressured by the co-ed classroom experience or have discipline issues.

Girls often show signs of slipping academically as they start to become interested in boys. There are many theories on why this happens, but certainly social pressures play a part in this phenomenon. Girls are particularly likely to focus less on what are perceived as male-dominated fields such as math and science.

Not all girls are influenced by boys in the classroom, but those girls who do seem to be impacted by the presence of boys may benefit from attending all-girls schools or girls boarding schools.

There are many educators and researchers who believe the average classroom teaching method is directed toward how boys learn. Girls boarding schools that focus on the learning styles of girls and their particular ways of processing information.

In the all-girls classroom, girls are also less subject to sexual harassment and the tendency for males to dominate classroom discussions.

The Benefits of Attending an All Girls' School:
10 Things That Make Girls' Schools Unique

  1. Girls boarding schools create opportunities for appropriate, educational risk-taking.
  2. The curriculum counters mass-media influences, giving girls room to decide for themselves who they are.
  3. A girls boarding school environment reinforces a 'can do' philosophy.
  4. In a girls boarding school, learning takes center stage, with social life reserved for time outside the classroom.
  5. Girls boarding schools teach collaborative as well as competitive skills.
  6. Girls boarding schools promote excellence in math, science and technology.
  7. Girls boarding schools promote athletic participation to encourage both leadership and team play
  8. Teaching strategies maximize girls' verbal/writing skills in learning
  9. The girls boarding school culture offers strong female role models
  10. The curriculum emphasizes 'real life' skills such as financial literacy, leadership, and service to community

Many parents are unaware that their daughter may qualify for special education funding from their local school district. If you have a son or daughter that is currently attending a public school, contact the school about an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). If, after meeting with your school it is determined that the school is unable to meet your child's needs on campus, they will need to find a school or program that can. This means that your daughter may be eligible to attend a private girls school that specializes in meeting her learning differences or learning style with funds coming from your local public school district. Contact your daughter’s school district to find out more about Individualized Education Plans.

This Article has been adapted from the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Website

Additional resources for understanding the benefits of girls schools and the unique advantages of all girls schools can be found in the resource section of the National Coalition of Girls Schools


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