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Educational Consultant Assistance

An Educational Consultant is a trained professional who works with parents to find the best educational options for their child. Educational counseling may include assisting a student choose a school, college or other educational program that is a good personal match or students who may be struggling with school, behavior and learning disabilities. Educational Consultants can advise parents on appropriate testing, assessment, secondary school, college placement, crisis management, and special needs placement for children who may have emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Most Educational consultants specialize in multiple areas and possess extensive knowledge of various educational options including:
    College Selection and Admission
    Day Schools
    International Education
    Traditional Boarding Schools
    Therapeutic Boarding Schools
    Religious Boarding Schools
    Residential Treatment Programs and Schools
    Wilderness Treatment Programs (Outdoor Therapy)

If you need help and would like to initiate contact with an Educational Consultant, our representatives can help you find one in your area.

Please fill out the form below to begin this process. Keep in mind that Educational Consultants typically charge a consultation fee to develop an educational and/or therapeutic plan for your child.

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