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Eating Disorders

Are you or your child suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other eating disorders?
Center for Discovery can help. Center for Discover has been helping teens and adolescents with eating disorders for over 17 years. Call toll free: 1-855-324-9428.

Levels of Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescents & Teens

Depending on the severity and nature of an adolescent’s eating disorder, there are multiple levels of treatments available.

Outpatient Treatment

This level of treatment operates approximately 2-3 times per week as adolescents may be in contact with a mental therapist or nutritionist in outpatient programs. This offers adolescents a more affordable option for those who are not covered by insurance, and a more flexible option for those who would like to continue schooling.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This level of treatment is similar to outpatient treatment, but provides more individual attention for the adolescent. The treatments typically include more personalized therapy, nutrition plans, and focus groups.

Residential Treatment

The residential treatment level incorporates a live-in facility with a 24 hour medical staff. Adolescents are catered to on an individual basis, making supervision effective and efficient. Treatment programs are tailored to each adolescent’s needs and offer adolescents a private space to devote their efforts entirely towards recovery.

Inpatient Treatment/Hospitalization

The inpatient treatment level is reserved for adolescents requiring significant medical stabilization from malnutrition. Once adolescents meet a certain weight or nutrition goal, they are released to a residential treatment center for continued care.

Continuing Care

Once an adolescent have been discharged from a residential treatment center, they have the chance to continue seeing their personal therapist and nutritionist to ensure complete recovery.

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